How to Make Clay Ganesha…

Hi Buddies,

Advanced Ganesha Chaturdhi Wishes to all !!! We make clay Ganesha every year and as the festival is nearing, thought of making it this weekend . Quickly took some snaps to post it for you all. This is very simple and hardly takes 10 minutes to do. I usually get colored clay but tried with plain clay and colored it myself this time. Check out the step by step process and you would agree it’s so easy 🙂 .Please send me your Ganesha snaps, if you made it following my post. I would love to post it on my blog!!!

Items Required:

  1. Air-Dry Clay
  2. Acrylic Paints
  3. Newspaper
  4. Brush

Step-By Step Process

  • Take two chunks of clay and make it into round shape.
  • Press one of it to form a base.
  • Place the other big ball on top of it and make sure that it’s properly fixed.






  • Make 4 small balls.
  • Roll them long ( for legs and hands).
  • Attach them as shown below around the big ball.
  • Press them at ends.






  • Attach the remaining long clay at top of big ball and press them at ends one vertically and other horizontally.
  • Place small ladoo on the left hand.






  • Make another big ball .
  • Roll it in cone shape (Face and trunk).






  • Attach it the body.
  • Take two medium balls and attach it either side of head.
  • Press it to form ears.






  • Take small balls and press them one above the other to form a crown.
  • Roll the small ball to make jandhyam.
  • Take small balls and stick it on face to form eyes.
  • Similarly, make tusks.






  • Aashu too tried and finally made a small Ganesha for himself. Isn’t it cute 🙂 ? Later , he asked me to make one more for his daddy.
  • Let it dry for a day.






  • Choose your favorite colors and paint it. Aashu wanted blue Ganesha 🙂








  • Your Ganesha is ready !!!


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  1. Kalyani

    very nice

  2. Mahesh Chandra

    excellent Vasu really appreciate your patience in making clay Ganesha Hats Off to u


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