Garden to Table


Life begins the day you start a garden !

So true is this statement. The joy of growing my own vegetables can’t be explained in words. I started a vegetable garden as a hobby in this pandemic but got so connected with it that I wonder how did I survive without my plants all these years !!! Growing with them is a complete learning experience – each phase (sowing, transplanting saplings, pollination, protecting from little friends and harvesting) has taught me some big life lessons. My love and appreciation for nature has evolved over these months, as well as my respect for the farmers and the creatures with whom we share this planet. And the satisfaction of eating home grown organic vegetables is unmatched.

To make this blog more meaningful, I’m planning to start a Garden to Table series where I will post simple recipes made from my garden vegetables. I’m not an expert in gardening but will share my experiences and tips as I learn. Finally, I have started a “Green” phase in my life and hope you all will start too.

Let’s all be connected and inspired by nature…

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