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Whats Cooking With Deepu

Hey You’ll!

Welcome to my hobby space where i’ll let you in on all that’s cooking in my free time.

I am an IT supermom living in the Golden City of San Francisco  with my husband and my little rascals Aashu and Agas. I moved to the US after my marriage and that’s when my love affair with cooking began. And now, working in my dream job in a reputed software firm by day, I come home to a very energetic and demanding son! Aashu being such a picky eater ( oh the terrible twos!), I am pushed to conjure new exciting dishes everyday! With time not being a luxury, I experiment with simple recipes, traditional and new, and the result is that Aashu finally has a happy tummy. Come weekends, I do love stirring up some delicacies for my husband and I. It could be childhood cravings, those traditional recipes by mom, mom-in-law and grand moms whose taste still lingers in our minds or some absolutely new Indian and world cuisine that I read on the internet and that gets me excited. 5.5 years on, I am pretty confident that I have created quite a few dishes that have turned out really well and are worth sharing with you all.

So with some help from my wonderful husband Vasu and my ever-dependable cousin Siri, I got my act together on this blog!

Besides cooking I also enjoy painting and am blessed to have inherited a small share of the talent from my mom and grand mom. I will be sharing those creations with you occasionally as well!

Stop by for some easy to make yet exciting vegetarian dishes for kids and adults alike,  and a dash of colours too! Feel free to let me know what you think! Constructive criticism is welcome but rude and unethical remarks are not. Such comments will be removed immediately.

All the images and content on What’s cooking with Deepu are Copyright of M. SreeDeepika. All recipes are either borrowed from my mom / grand moms, friends (I do add some twist to it  🙂 ) or my own creations but if I try out recipes from books or blogs, those will be duly credited. If you want to share my images or content, I will be flattered!!! But taking permission before that and giving me credit after that will be appreciated. Actually that is a must.

Awright! Welcome aboard!

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  1. Shruthi

    Hi Deepika , This is Shruthi (School Times) ..So glad to read your blog , know about you more and learn amazing receipes . Iam big foodie esp transitioned from Non veggie to Veggie and thanks a ton to post awesome healthy receipes . Above all many thanks to you for posting the Pooja Mandir , I started it but never completed it but I think your post will drive me through that .

    Will Keep in touch and let you know …

    1. Deepu (Post author)

      So glad to see a message from you !!! Thanks for checking my blog Shruthi . Would love to help you if you have more questions on Pooja Mandir. Also don’t forget to send pictures of your mandir once it’s done.

  2. sonia

    Hi Deepu,

    This is Sonia. It was great meeting you yest. Must say you are very talented. This is a great blog, and am surely going to follow your recipes. I plan to make the quinoa kheer this week. Am sure Aarav will love it too.

    1. Deepu (Post author)

      Thank you so much for your kind words !!! Try it out, it’s very healthy . Let me know how it came.


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