Mirchi ka Salan

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Finally this recipe made it on my blog after a long wait (after 8 months ūüôā !!!)¬†.I ¬†first tried this recipe almost 7 years back for my hubby.It’s his favorite dish.This recipe was given¬†by my colleague and I saved it since then.I love this with vegetable biryani but tastes good with Indian bread too. Try this authentic hyderabadi recipe for sure !!!

Preparation Time:  40 minutes
No of Servings:3


Green Chili: 5 (long)
Roasted Peanuts: 1/2 cup
Onion: 1
Sesame seeds: 2 tbsp.
Coriander seeds: 1 tbsp.
Cumin Seeds: 1 tbsp.
Dry Coconut: 2 tbsp.
Tamarind pulp: 2 tbsp.
Turmeric: Pinch
Mustard Seeds: 1 tsp.
Ginger garlic paste: 1 tbsp.
Red chili: 2
Salt: as per taste
Oil: 2 tbsp.


  • Wash and cut the long chilies into 2 or 3 pieces. I didn’t slit it length wise to avoid extra hotness.

Mirchi ka salan







  • Remove the seeds carefully.Shallow fry them and keep them aside.

Mirchi ka salan







  • Dry roast peanuts, sesame seeds, coriander seeds ,cumin seeds,red chilies and dry coconut flakes.

Mirchi ka salan







  • Make a paste of the mixture.

Mirchi ka salan







  • Heat a pan with 2 tbsp. of oil and add mustard seeds to it.

Mirchi ka salan







  • When they start to crackle, add onions,ginger garlic paste and turmeric to it¬†and fry¬†them.

Mirchi Ka salan







  • Now add the ground¬†paste to it. Fry it till the raw smell goes off. Add 1/2 cup water and bring it to boil.

Mirchi ka salan







  • Add tamarind pulp to it. Add little water to adjust the right consistency¬†and cook it for 10 minutes.

Mirchi ka salan







  • Finally add green chilies and salt to it and cook it for another 7-8 minutes.
  • Turn off heat and serve it with chapatis/rice.

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